Hands-on Execution Services

At Cambria Ventures we determined that we didn't want to become another "me-too" advisory  boutique consultancy. We enjoy business and we see much of our added-value in rolling up our sleeves and working along side our clients. The services listed below cover all aspects of business process and engagement, both internal and external. Although thematic, none are out-of-the-box as each client will have specific requirements.


Company strategy review

Make the strategy determine the  day-to-day BAU rather than the other way round.


Game changer project

Think big! A new client, product, service, key person - all these can be game changers.


Financial Analysis

Maximise your financial assets to enable investments, reduce taxes, attract new talent.


Customer heatmap & sales analysis

Understand your client base and get your sales team focussed on the relationships that matter.


customer feedback & loss review

Make sure that you learn from these events in a constructive manner.



Ensure that your efforts and investments are delivering value by reaching your target clients.


People health ASSESSMENT

Focus on your people - they are your engine, their health is paramount.



Create an environment where talent is rewarded so that your talent base is retained and new talent is attracted to your company.


it (internal & external)

Get into a position where your company is maximising digital opportunities for client acquisition and retention as well as for internal operational efficiencies.


Wealth lifecycle management

Be certain that your business efforts are translated into wealth opportunities for your self and your team.

Cambria Ventures is also able to offer discrete services including, but not limited to:

  • Executive Leadership Coaching

  • Directors Duties - UK code of corporate governance

  • GDPR

  • Prepare to sell due diligence

  • How to expand to the USA - and how not to!

  • How to win a multi national as a customer or partner - Roadmap, timelines, positives and pitfalls

  • Operational Risk Recovery Plan