The Cambria Ventures team has a unique blend of business and wealth management experience. Wealth Managers often face the challenge of seeing themselves as 'businesses' and as such will not be maximising their portfolio opportunities. This is where Cambria Ventures can change the game by looking at your existing business, potential new books of business and the servicing costs and synergies between the two. This diagnostics allows you to value both the opportunity costs and upside potential that are unique to wealth management industry. 


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We help our Wealth Management clients to maximise their practice value by aligning their talent, processes and systems. We offer experience, guidance and support for both organic and acquisition based growth.

Our experience of running a successful Wealth Management practice, coupled to our experience in founding, growing  and selling SME companies, enable us to significantly accelerate the growth of your practice. We help you understand and mitigate the risk inherent in any purchase of a new or existing portfolio.  Our services are not only built on our experience, but also on our enthusiasm and passion for business. We are business people – not consultants.